Oxebridge FOD Posters

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and Foreign Object Debris (also, FOD) are serious problems, and a major concern for aerospace companies. Standards like AS9100 require controls to prevent FOD, and one such method is a formal FOD awareness program. These are typically dull affairs, but you don’t roll like that, do ya? Now you can get lively, offbeat FOD awareness posters that won’t dull your employees into falling asleep on the job, and becoming FOD themselves when they fall inside the equipment.

Each poster is printed in full color on Corinthian pulp paper stock using genuine Artesian inks derived from the lymph glands of nymphs. Each is then shipped separately by angels tasked with carrying out Oxebridge’s great and noble works. Size is massive 24″ x 36.”

Note: images on this site are reduced in resolution and detail; actual poster images are much sharper. So sharp, you might cut yourself, so be careful.