Oxebridge Quality Press Publications

Oxebridge has published a small number of books under the Oxebridge Quality Press imprint, as well as a host of free documents for download. In keeping with the Oxebridge vibe, these are often honest, hard-hitting and snarky, not always in that order.

Surviving ISO 9001:2015

This massive book is divided into two primary sections: the first goes into the history and skulduggery behind the development of the ISO  9001:2015 standard, based on hundreds of hours of interviews with key standards writers and sources, and leaked ISO documents. Then, it provides detailed implementation advice. Adult language warning, just ‘cuz.

Surviving AS9100 Rev. D

A standalone book, this provides a brief background look into the development of the aerospace standard AS9100, and then provides detailed implementation advice for manufacturers within the commercial aviation or aerospace industries. Adult language warning, too, dammit.

Free Downloads & Guides

Since 2000, Oxebridge has provided free articles, guides and template kits for direct download, no sign-ups or spam required. From Eyesore 9000 to DumbAS9100 and our free ISO and AS QMS kits, you can grab them all from the Oxebridge.com website.